Internal devices of reactors

The guarantee of high quality products is the independent design and manufacture of equipment.

In our own production, we develop and manufacture internal devices of reactors based on slit grating, such as: distributors of raw materials, distribution plates, support grids with beams, collectors, central pipes and scallops.

The products can be made from various materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic and various kinds of alloys.

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Internal devices of columning devices

Irrespective of whether the project is absolutely new technological process, modernization or only check of productivity of the existing device, we understand that reliable technological design at the initial stage has to provide the choice of the most optimum equipment for your production. The company JSC PO STRONG can design, manufacture and install the internal devices of columns, which are ideally suited exactly for your conditions.

There are used worldwide recognized complex programs for modeling technological processes to ensure an accurate balance of mass and energy in chemical processes.

Oil refineries, petrochemical companies, chemical companies all over the world trust the professionalism of JSC PO STRONG in providing mass exchange solutions that meet the safety requirements, timing and budget limits.

We specialize in modeling processes, designing, manufacturing, installing and repairing equipment.

Customers highly appreciate not only our technical skills and the experience of installation at customer enterprises. They appreciated our business qualities, flexibility and willingness to take on the problems solution.

Designing of hydraulic and mechanical equipment is carried out with the help of the most modern software, which allows to accurately predict hydraulic productivity and mechanical strength of equipment for any technological process.

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Internal devices of separators

Developed on the basis of generally accepted industrial design standards, our internal devices of separators contain unique solutions in their mechanical design that provide the efficient and reliable operation.

High-quality modeling of efficiency and separation power allows to achieve more perfect equipment geometry and improve the physical properties of the structure, ensuring its maximum productivity in the future.

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Filtration and internal devices filtering equipment

We are the leading manufacturers of filtration and separation equipment, which are widely used in such areas as: drinking, industrial and sewage water treatment, food industry (sugar, starch, beverages production), pulp and paper industry (purification of paper stock fibers).

The development and implementation of slit grating determined an innovative approach to filtration and separation technologies.  

Currently, we continue to develop new products based on slit gratings,  which are used for:

 -  separation of liquid and solid particles

 - screening and classification

 - processes of pressing and drying

-  capture of particles (sand, tar, activated carbon)

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Technology of slit grating

Slit gratings of JSC PO STRONG has following characteristics:

  • Hight mechanical resistance
  • slit size up to 25 μm
  • large surface area
  • resistance to corrosion
  • low contamination of slits
  • easy to clean surface

Slit gratings are made of a high-precision profile of triangular shape and supporting elements of different cross-section, connected by welding at each intersection point.

Slit gratings can be produced in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 21 to 956 mm, a length of up to 6 m, and in the form of a flat panel with a size of 2800 x 4500 mm.

Slit gratings can be made from following materials:

  • stainless steel (304, 304L, 321, 316, 316 Ti, 410, 410 S)
  • alloy Monel
  • Hastelloy
  • Duplex
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In the 90s, architects noted the visual appeal and potential of slit gratings, and today our stainless steel gratings and columns are used for facing in many projects around the world.

Our gratings can be built into any kind of construction.

Racks of administration, seats, partitions, tables and other original elements, in which an individual approach to design can be traced.

These elements are corrosion-resistant, durable, resistant to damage and aggressive urban environment.

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